The Tangle

This is the first ever episode of the Trainer Tools podcast (so please forgive the dodgy sound quality), in this episode I talk to Jon Kersey about one of his favourite energisers: The Tangle! Here are the feeds to the podcast:

Since recording this episode, I wrote about the process of getting recording it and getting the whole podcast off the ground (this was the first one I recorded) – read the article here.

 Jon Kersey

Jon Kersey has over 15 years experience in the training and personal development world, significant experience of the retail (The Burton Group, Comet and River Island), financial (HSBC) and public sectors, and international experience having trained in organisations in South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe … read more about Jon here.

About John Tomlinson
I am a writer, podcaster, and Learning and Development professional, mainly into leadership development and creating great workplaces. I am especially interested in leadership and reading about leaders in history and understanding what we can learn from them, and in how politics and history are linked, and how we can improve public policy and political leadership through understanding history. I am based in Madrid, Spain, but am from Leeds in the UK which is why I am a Leeds United supporter.

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