The Collusion of Mediocrity

In the second episode of Trainer Tools, I talk to Paul Levy about his “Collusion of Mediocrity” concept.

This is an idea that can be used with both the Consultant and Facilitator aspects of the job, and is about pushing for real change in performance as a result of training interventions. It also has interesting impacts on how we evaluate the impact of training.

(And the sound quality is a bit better!)

This is a Trainer Tools Essential Podcast

Since releasing this podcast I have blogged about it on TrainingZone website: How you measure training success might be stopping you from succeeding.

 Paul Levy

Paul Levy is the founder of CATS3000, a change and innovation company that helps people and organisations to realise potential and thrive. He’s worked with individuals and organisations all over the world for the last twenty years to challenge mediocrity, and to open space for change and transformation … read more about Paul here.

3 thoughts on “The Collusion of Mediocrity

  1. Thanks Anthony, I admit to the same.

    Since recording this with Paul I have changed my approach to delivery and challenging delegates (carefully!).

    I’ve also raised the model and the questions it asks with my colleagues.

    I think my training is better for doing so, a lot more satisfying for me as a trainer, and more challenging for the delegates.


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