How to use Structural Dynamics to have great conversations

Most of how we engage with other people in the workplace, on training courses, or in coaching sessions, is based on having conversations. The quality of these conversation directly impacts our effectiveness, and as educators and coaches, our ability to have powerful conversations that help to create insight and learning is a huge part of how we succeed.

In this episode of the Trainer Tools podcast, I talk to Catherine Thomson about David Kantor’s theory of Structural Dynamics. In the podcast, Catherine explains how this theory of communication is applied to conversations in training and coaching.

 Catherine Thomson

Catherine Thomson is founder of The Houston Exchange and is also an Associate Consultant within the People and Organisational Development (POD) Division with Edinburgh Napier University … read more about Catherine here.

About John Tomlinson
I am a writer, podcaster, and Learning and Development professional, mainly into leadership development and creating great workplaces. I am especially interested in leadership and reading about leaders in history and understanding what we can learn from them, and in how politics and history are linked, and how we can improve public policy and political leadership through understanding history. I am based in Madrid, Spain, but am from Leeds in the UK which is why I am a Leeds United supporter.

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