How to get more from training activities using Active Reviewing

Debriefing training activities is so important.

The debrief is where the learning is explicitly discussed and related back to whatever models and theories are being used. It’s where people reflect and think how to apply the learning in their own workplace. It’s an opportunity to discuss and share experiences and opinions.

Yet it’s often just a low energy plenary discussion that excludes most of the people most of the time.

Useful, but a bit of a letdown after a fun and engaging activity.

In this episode of the Trainer Tools podcast, I talk to Roger Greenaway about “Active Reviewing”, his method to not only keep the energy, enthusiasm and inclusion high during the debrief, but also to dig deeper and maximise the learning opportunities from training room activities.

Some learning happens in the training activities, but there’s a whole lot more learning that can happen in the review process

Roger Greenaway

This is a Trainer Tools Essential Podcast

Roger has written an article “4 Active Reviewing Methods and the Active Reviewing Cycle” about this interview.

 Roge Greenaway

Roger Greenaway is a specialist in making experience-based learning more participatory, dynamic and effective. He does this by training facilitators in the skills and techniques of active reviewing (debriefing), what he calls “the game after the game”. … read more about Roger here.

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