Three ways to use stories to bring your training to life

Great training is built from many different component parts.

It’s not just PowerPoint and flipcharts, or days of building bridges out of matchsticks and glue. Training is a mix of content and reflection, of channels and methods, carefully designed to keep energy and interest high, to be engaging and enjoyable, to challenge assumptions and make people think, and to give useful practical take-away actions that can be applied in real life.

Stories are a useful addition to that mix.

Stories are memorable, they’re fun, and they can be used to help break down barriers, build relationships between the trainer and the delegates, and to help establish credibility.

In this episode of the Trainer Tools podcast, I talk to Larry Reynolds about three different ways he uses stories during his training events.

Larry Reynolds

Larry Reynolds is managing partner of 21st Century Leader, a consultancy that helps managers to have courageous conversations. We believe that courageous conversations are the key to high performance organisations where people love to work … read more about Larry here.

About John Tomlinson
I am a writer, podcaster, and Learning and Development professional, mainly into leadership development and creating great workplaces. I am especially interested in leadership and reading about leaders in history and understanding what we can learn from them, and in how politics and history are linked, and how we can improve public policy and political leadership through understanding history. I am based in Madrid, Spain, but am from Leeds in the UK which is why I am a Leeds United supporter.

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