A creative and visual way to start Change Management training

How we begin learning events is vital in setting the right tone for the day.

To get the best learning, we want to create a creative a safe environment that is fun and allows for people to express themselves playfully, allows for mistakes, lets people feel that they can challenge and be challenged, and above all exposes the learners to views and perspectives different than their own.

There is no one single magic bullet for achieving this, it’s done through lots of little things that together contribute to building that learning environment.

In this (short!) episode I speak to Kevin Stephens about a simple technique he uses to kick off change management training. Kevin’s whole approach to training is to focus on creating the conditions for learning using accelerated learning techniques, and in this episode he introduces us to a quick and way to start that process off.


Kevin Stephens

Kevin Stephens is a Learning and Development practitioner who specialises in helping people get the most of their working relationships by delivering bespoke management and leadership programmes. He has a large well of experience, gained from over 20 years working in senior management … read more about Kevin here.

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