SDI in learning and development: what it means and how to use it

I have found SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) to be a really valuable tool in leadership development, despite my being a skeptical curmudgeon about most of these workplace psychometric tools.

What convinced me was partly personal – I felt it offered valuable insight into my own self (not a pretty sight) – but also because of the impact I’ve seen it have within the training room. I’ve used it mainly for leadership development, so that’s my main experience, and I’ve seen many people (not everyone) find it really useful in not only raising self-awareness, but more importantly giving them a roadmap for strengths development that remains true to their authentic self.

In the podcast Simon Gallon talks through the basic theory and its wider application within L&D, in particular in teambuilding and leadership development activities.

It’s another long one, but it’s good stuff.

Here’s a link to the visual SDI material, including an index so you can see when we talk about each part of the theory in case you need to revisit parts of the podcast.


Simon Gallon

Simon Gallon is the Managing Director of PSP UK (Personal Strengths Publishing) and a member of PSP Inc.’s Board of Directors and is an expert in the application of all SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) related products and services … read more about Simon here.

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