The secrets of accelerated learning: be a facilitator and not a trainer

A few months ago we chatted with Krystyna Gadd about her Five Secrets of Accelerated Learning, and then we talked about the first of those secrets in What’s your objective?. In this latest podcast we drill down into the second secret: be a facilitator and not a trainer.  Five secrets of accelerated learning

This is about moving away from being the font of all knowledge, the sage on the stage, to being a guide on the side who is in charge of creating an environment and ensuring an engaging process so that learning happens.

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The guest theme tune (“Conversations”) is by David McGinty.

Krystyna Gadd

Krystyna Gadd is a leading authority on accelerated learning and its application in the UK. She has been training trainers since 2008, through CIPD professional programmes and her own workshops. She has published a book “50 ways to Accelerate Learning”, … read more about Krystyna here.

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