The concept of Trainer Tools is simple: to share effective training tools and tips across the training community in order to make all of us into more effective learning and development professionals.

We believe that this will raise the quality of training within the professional environment and therefore benefit the entire profession of workplace learning and development.

In each Trainer Tools podcast, John Tomlinson interviews an experienced trainer and asks them to share a particular tool, tip or other content that can be of practical use to the learning and development community.

Podcasts are released twice a month, on the 10th and 25th (except 10th August and 25th December).

John also writes about learning and development and related topics, on this website and occasionally for others – see here for a link to written L&D articles.

Some podcasts are accompanied by notes or other documents, all of which are free to use, copy, distribute or do whatever you like with. We ask only that you credit us where you use our stuff, but we can’t do much if you don’t. We can’t afford lawyers, so we’re just asking nicely!


If you would like to contribute to the Trainer Tools podcast, please get in touch.


The Trainer Tools theme tune “Corporate Cufflinks” composed and performed by Martyn Standing of SpiffyDay Music

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