Identity Crisis! Is Learning and Development fulfilling its purpose?

In this episode I speak to Kevin M Yates and Krystyna Gadd about how learning and development needs to align itself to business needs and focus on performance improvement – using data, or “facts” as Kevin calls them – if we, and our Learning and Development brothers and sisters, are to thrive and make a real difference!

Here’s the link to series Kevin wrote for TrainingZone. The first article, “How to collect facts before you start training”, includes the questions Kevin talked about that help L&D gain insight into organization goals and performance requirements to achieve those goals.

Krystyna Gadd is a leading authority on accelerated learning and its application in the UK. She has been training trainers since 2008, through CIPD professional programmes and her own workshops. She has published a book “50 ways to Accelerate Learning”, … read more about Krystyna

Kevin M Yates is a Learning & Development detective and just like Sherlock Holmes, he solves mysteries. The mystery he solves is, “Did training work?”   He uses facts, evidence and data to show training and learning’s impact on behavior, performance and goals … read more about Kevin here

How to create an effective training evaluation strategy

Evaluation is the most neglected part of the L&D cycle.

My guess is that this is because most people in L&D prefer to be in training rooms or designing workshops, or creating transformational strategies to allow individuals and organisations to reach their potential … I’m getting carried away now … the point is that few of us get excited about the subject of evaluation.

Merle Van Der Voorde was no exception, and wasn’t exactly thrilled when asked to deliver an evaluation project for the various learning and development courses, programmes and other activities on offer.

However, like most things, the more you know about them, the more interesting they become and in this podcast Merle shares the strategy and approach she used, and talks through some examples from her organisation.

Click here to see the training evaluation resources mentioned in the podcast.


Merle van der Voorde

Merle Van Der Voorde is a Senior Learning Advisor at the Dutch Academy for International Relations. At the Academy she focuses on informal and social learning, evaluation, intercultural exchange and security and defence topics … read more about Merle here

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