Doug Seifert

Doug Seifert


Douglas Seifert, PhD is the founder and CEO of Syandus

He founded Syandus 15 years ago to create a new way to learn. By combining cognitive science with game technologies, Dr. Seifert focuses on providing scalable ways to solve issues related to knowledge retention and skill acquisition.

Dr. Seifert served as Principal Investigator on 8 Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation; this research fueled the development of the virtual immersive learning technology on which the Syandus platform is built.

Syandus is now used to create customized modules for medicine, sales, leadership, and employee performance.

To find out more about how Syandus works, see this link for the Syandus sales training promotional video (scroll down for the video).


Podcasts with Doug Seifert

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