Edan Kertis

Edan is the CEO at myQuest. He is an entrepreneur, behavioral change expert, software engineer, and the creator of the AFT learning model.

Edan has dedicated his life to the quest of developing digital tools that empower people to reach their personal and professional goals.

In 2012, Edan founded myQuest, a fast growing company that developed a learning and training technology which helps hundreds of companies around the world to deliver their training with outstanding results.

In 2018, Edan analyzed, compiled, and sorted through all of myQuest’s user data from the last 6 years and created what is now known as the AFT learning model.

The AFT learning model (Action->Feedback->Trigger) is one of the most innovative and powerful models to teach and train people online. When used correctly, the model dramatically increases engagement and completion rates as well as knowledge retention.

Podcasts with Edan Kertis

Edan appears on the following podcasts:

  • The AFT model: how to make online learning into an engaging experience (TO BE RELEASED ON 30 SEPTEMBER 2018)