Janet Barr

Janet Barr is the Technical Director for Capgemini but also an executive architect with over 25 years IT experience. She has a solid technical engineering background and has a key interest in problem solving, while using her business experience. She has been with Capgemini since 2000

Extracts from a Where Women Work article about Janet’s work at CapGemini:

Janet is thriving at Capgemini as an impressive ‘big picture’ person who performs well in companies where employees can navigate their own career direction.

“I’m a macro level person,” announces[BJ1]  Janet. “I see the big picture first-off, but I love zeroing down into the detail too. My mind works in pictures and analogies. I see all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and how they relate. I’m practical and pragmatic – a completer finisher.”

“I am also a people person,” she adds. “I like to look at things from the perspective of others. It interests me to know how other people tick so I always try to look at how others see things, and from that I can work out how to do what I want to do.”

“With Capgemini, I’ve had the opportunity to shape and carve out my own direction and no one has ever said ‘no you can’t do that’ or ‘no that’s not your job’. I don’t ever feel that I am being constrained – I can do what I need to do in order to win new business and drive things forward.”

With her highly inquisitive mind, Janet enjoys constantly building up new knowledge – which makes Capgemini a fabulous company for her to work with. “I’m not afraid to speak up when I don’t know something,” explains Janet. “I keep an open mind about which way a plan can go. I’m flexible and I reflect on processes in terms of how they could be improved.”

Janet has enjoyed many roles with Capgemini over the years. Most recently, she took on the position of Head of Profession for the UK architecture practice.

This role has a focus on looking at how Capgemini can invest in its people for the future and identifying what skills Capgemini needs within the organisation.

Janet also stresses the importance of enjoying a fulfilling home-life. She loves spending time with her family, taking holidays and walking her dog – in fact, she usually starts her day with a dog walk so she can clear her head and prepare for the exciting challenges that await.

Podcasts with Janet Barr

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