John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson is the founder of Trainer Tools and main contributor.

John has worked in training and change management throughout his career.

This began back in the early 90s when he left university (Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Economics and Public Policy) and decided that being monolingual was inappropriate for an educated gentleman. So he took off to northern Spain to teach English and learn Spanish. After a few years he returned to the UK and worked as a Trainer for UK airline Virgin Atlantic Airways. He stayed there for over eight years, moving on to work as Training Manager and latterly as Change Manager.

John left there in 2005, and after some time working freelance, he joined the UK Foreign Office (FCO) as British Vice-Consul based first in Alicante, then Madrid, where he went on to lead several network change projects.

In 2011 he left to complete his MBA (with the Open University) and to work as Director of Training and Communications for a small IT start-up, helping the company to launch a training brand and expand into UK markets.

In 2014, keen to get back into an L&D role, he rejoined the FCO as a Learning and Development Specialist. He is now Deputy Head of Learning and Development (Europe) at the FCO and is the network lead on Leadership Development and Change Management.

Frustrated at the lack of industry recognition for Learning and Development professionals, and as a keen listener of podcasts, John decided to launch Trainer Tools as a collaborative podcast project for trainers to share their tools and tips in the hope of benefiting the entire profession.

John tweets under the handle @JohnRTomlinson and is here on LinkedIn.

John also writes about learning and development here.