Roger Greenaway

Roger Greenaway

Roger specialises in making experience-based learning more participatory, dynamic and effective. He does this by training facilitators in the skills and techniques of active reviewing (debriefing), what he calls “the game after the game”.

During the last 20 years Roger has worked with education and training organisations, departments and networks in 35 countries. Typical themes are ‘Facilitating Learning from Experience’; ‘Moving Bodies, Moving Minds’ and ‘Training for Transfer’.

Roger’s recent work has included training Agile coaches in active debriefing techniques (USA); training university staff in facilitating values (Singapore); training oil industry managers in big picture thinking (Iran); helping a conference team find active ways of achieving conference goals (Ethiopia); training university lecturers to increase student engagement and participation (South Africa); training police trainers, military trainers and business educators (UK); and training outdoor educators and trainers around the world.

Roger’s PhD was a study of Powerful Learning Experiences in Management Learning and Development (1995). He now writes in more accessible and practical ways in his free newsletter Active Reviewing Tips at

Podcasts with Roger Greenaway

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