Simon Gallon

Simon Gallon

Simon Gallon is the Managing Director of PSP UK (Personal Strengths Publishing) and a member of PSP Inc.’s Board of Directors and is an expert in the application of all SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) related products and services. (TSDI® and Core Strengths®)

The TSDI® (TotalSDI) suite of tools is based on Relationship Awareness Theory, a unique approach to learning and development which focuses on the reasons why people behave in the ways they do. Through this expertise Simon has helped people across the world understand and apply their core strengths to make a difference to both their professional and personal relationships. By improving relationships between people, performance can be elevated on an individual, team and organisational level.

Simon’s skills as a facilitator, speaker and consultant have been honed over 20+ years of working with individuals at Partner level of major financial institutions, Senior Leaders in the Armed Forces, Managers and Leaders from a wide variety of organisations and cultures, Sales personnel and young people embarking on their next steps into further education.

His innovations as owner and manager of PSP’s largest, and most well-established distributor have led to the creation or improvement of many SDI-related products and services, such as: facilitator certification training programmes, feedback and expectations assessments, and many tools, tips, and techniques to improve overall SDI facilitation and organisational implementation. His areas of expertise are in interpersonal communication, teamwork, appreciative enquiry, conflict management and leadership development.


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