I like to write about learning and development and related stuff, some of this is based on the specific content of the podcasts (and is written primarily to promote that content), and some is just other things I think about.

Mostly I publish these on TrainingZone and LinkedIn.

I am in the process of transferring content to this site, so more links will appear here soon(ish).

Introduction to Trainer Tools

  • Recording “The Tangle” – a short article about the process of getting this podcast off the ground and recording the first episode.
  • Is the word “trainer” the wrong word to use? – me banging on about why I think “trainer” is the best description for the job of running a training course or workshop (rather than “facilitator”), mainly so I don’t have to change the name of the podcast

Learning and development general

Management and leadership

  • You Plus: authentic leadership means getting good at being you – the tension between being authentic and using learned behavioural techniques is one that crops up quite often during training courses based around behaviours – especially things like personal impact, assertiveness, communication, and above all leadership. This is a common concern, but one that needn’t be an obstacle to learning
  • SMART objectives can be really DUMB – a post about how to write objectives and make them measurable in a way that means they’re actually relevant to the individual and the organisation

Trainer Tools content