TT Shorts: The Clapping Exercise – an icebreaker that cures hair loss!

I didn’t want to leave a big gap over summer, so I thought I’d chuck in another short podcast about a simple energiser, or icebreaker (it can be either, or both) that anyone can use on any course.

It’s not just an icebreaker though, it also has positive health benefits (see here), including preventing hair loss! Something I wish I’d known about a few years ago.

Seema Sarawgi explains how she uses this and how it’s a simple, fun and energetic way to start a training day.

Here are the feeds to the podcast:

 Seema Sarawgi

Seema Sarawgi is a Learning and Development professional with around 8 years of experience of working with both public and private sectors in India and the UKread more about Seema here.

The Tangle

This is the first ever episode of the Trainer Tools podcast (so please forgive the dodgy sound quality), in this episode I talk to Jon Kersey about one of his favourite energisers: The Tangle! Here are the feeds to the podcast:

Since recording this episode, I wrote about the process of getting recording it and getting the whole podcast off the ground (this was the first one I recorded) – read the article here.

 Jon Kersey

Jon Kersey has over 15 years experience in the training and personal development world, significant experience of the retail (The Burton Group, Comet and River Island), financial (HSBC) and public sectors, and international experience having trained in organisations in South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe … read more about Jon here.

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